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Values Valuable Lesson

The word value crawled into my mind and passed each door holding a mental health label that I had bolted shut with vices. It picked at each lock with a devious grin knowing that I was still recovering from my last battle with a DSM monster. It decided to start at depression and unleashed all [...]

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Keys to Foolishness

Was I foolish to think your words would turn to wings and make me soar when I took the leap of faith with the man I thought had come back to me? Was it just that I've been in a daze and I allowed my innocent hope to take me through the reels of freeze [...]

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Too Much

There's not enough sage in the world to rid me of the evil that has engulfed my soul The spiritual rape that translated into the rape of my flesh since an early age and continued to fuck me for the 25 years that followed No matter how many lashes I break in my skin I [...]

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I want to rip this skin off and run to the nearest police station and tell them how I finally escaped my captor I want to tell them how I faught off the darkness that has held me hostage for 29 years and how I stood tall in the face of adversity and never lost [...]

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Close Call

I guess I just missed what It felt like to be held... To be held as ur breathe escaped ur lungs but ur spirit didn't have to panic cuz my kiss provided the air ur biology needed to continue to exist on the same parallel of awe in our gaze as we both glanced in [...]

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If Only He Knew How I Felt…

If only I could have told him. The prank he played on me with his friends was a reoccurring experience that dudes & their homeboys seemed to have. As if humiliating the fat girl & making sure she knew she wasn't wanted on a public level was a right of passage for them. Years later [...]

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Please Tell Me I’m Pretty

  There was a time when all I wanted was a man to call me pretty. Now, I want a man to crave the essence of my soul, to miss the warmth of my spirit when I'm gone. I want a man that gets lost in the layers of my mind & appreciates the depths [...]

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Suicidal Notes

I sit here on the beach at 7:21 pm on Tuesday, the first of November, and I contemplate my finale. I went to a consultation earlier today at the counseling center at school and my doctor was a beautiful man, physically and mentally, but he made it clear there was too much to work with and I'd [...]

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Mirror Mirror

You think that you’re good enough to wife up? You’re just a fuck. You think anyone would want to be seen in public with you? You have so much work to do. You’re disgusting. How could your parents let you get to be 300 lbs.? Did they hate you? They def must have been ashamed [...]

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