The Noose 

I walked away with the little dignity left My scars had been ripped open and I bled in ur hands You danced in the moonlight and howled in victory for another kill My blood dripped from your hands and you fiended for more I tried to escape I crawled against the gravel with my nails [...]

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She Waited 

I waited. I waited for you to appreciate the strands of my hair in your hand as you played with my hair for the 100th time. I waited for you to see the reflection of your soul in my eyes as I looked at you with futuristic hope. I waited for you to compliment me [...]

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Marriage, Love & Fuckery

I was talking to an old fling-ish (I don’t know how to categorize him) earlier and we were talking about food, which led to the fact that I can’t cook.   He then asked me, “Well, what about when you get married?”   Lawwwd! Let me not even run with that one! The fact that [...]

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Seats Taken 

Dear Men in Relationships.... Your relationship issues are not my problem and neither is the length of your endeavor with your endeavor with her.   I don't know at what part you thought your cheeky smile was enough to counter act the idea that you thought that you were spoken for and your aura of [...]

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I miss you?

As the silence settled and the heart beat echoes, my brain feels the need to reminisce on the laughter and I missed it and my heart argues the I hate you's and you know better's.  The battle field should have been calmed by now but I never gave way for the battle to happen without [...]

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