Prayers Up…Even If….

The amount of times that I begged God for something or someone... sheeesh!!!😅THANK GOODNESS I didn’t get that half-assed serving of life I pleaded for. It’s so fascinating what time can reveal and some lessons have taken years to come to the light. How often does my lack of esteem cry out to hold on [...]

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Sunday’s Sermon: Traveling should never interfere with the Werd. This year has started so speedy and intentionally. It’s like last years agonizing lessons sped up and it’s like I been dodging fuckery since midnight 12/31/18. Like, all of a sudden everything fell into place and 2019 has been God being like iiighhht bitch let me [...]

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It Is Time They See Us

For justice to be truly served all those who lie on the innocent should be held accountable. There should be consequences for their actions. How is their pride more important than a life? All the lawyers, judges, detective, cops, witnesses, even those calling the cops on some bullshit need to be held accountable for their [...]

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Keep Growing!

KEEP PUSHING!! You’re being molded for all that is to come. The resistance is where you find your grit, power and willingness to go hard! By any means necessary, if your dreams are that real! Keep going!!! The resistance is here to test you, how bad do you really want it? Do you have what [...]

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It’s Ok to Walk Away

So often people who have had heavy lives don’t know how to get out of a situation that doesn’t honor them. They’re comfortable with trauma and chaos. It’s so hard to leave a situation that isn’t life threatening or severely insane. But they settle for mediocre because it’s less terrible than what they’re used to. [...]

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Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself for believing them Forgive yourself for believing their narrrative of who you are, for believing their small vision of u Forgive yourself for not speaking up, for not cutting a mother fucker who broke your spirit and shunned your existence Forgive yourself for stayin so long in the darkness cuz every hand extended [...]

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God & I: Interview for Xonicole.com

Please briefly describe what religion/culture you grew up in, and list a few ways in which you were restricted from living a "normal" life.   I was born in Miami but raised in Kuwait. My father is a Muslim from Kuwait and my mother is a Catholic from Colombia. My siblings and I were raised [...]

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He Said the City Misses You

My heart sank... as I sat  in the livest city seeping with humans overflowing the walk ways I wanted him to miss me.... I wanted to feel wanted... I wanted to hang my cape up and take a breath... I wanted to wrap myself in his words that he magically consumed from my brain...I hoped [...]

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Safety Pin Boy

The imaginary rejection tipped the first domino. He didn’t respond appropriately to my overwhelming appetite for male attention to prove to society it was possible.  I put my face on in hopes of finding the momentary Joe Schmoe of the evening to compliment me enough to satisfy years of longing and to also undo the [...]

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A New Type of Flower

I wish I didn’t care about u the way I do I wish I didn’t crave your touch and ur breath on my skin  I wish I didn’t long for your wisdom and ur guidance  I wish it never happened  I wish u never happened  Yet I can’t think of anywhere else I’d want to [...]

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