God & I: Interview for Xonicole.com

Please briefly describe what religion/culture you grew up in, and list a few ways in which you were restricted from living a "normal" life.   I was born in Miami but raised in Kuwait. My father is a Muslim from Kuwait and my mother is a Catholic from Colombia. My siblings and I were raised [...]

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He Said the City Misses You

My heart sank... as I sat  in the livest city seeping with humans overflowing the walk ways I wanted him to miss me.... I wanted to feel wanted... I wanted to hang my cape up and take a breath... I wanted to wrap myself in his words that he magically consumed from my brain...I hoped [...]

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Safety Pin Boy

The imaginary rejection tipped the first domino. He didn’t respond appropriately to my overwhelming appetite for male attention to prove to society it was possible.  I put my face on in hopes of finding the momentary Joe Schmoe of the evening to compliment me enough to satisfy years of longing and to also undo the [...]

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A New Type of Flower

I wish I didn’t care about u the way I do I wish I didn’t crave your touch and ur breath on my skin  I wish I didn’t long for your wisdom and ur guidance  I wish it never happened  I wish u never happened  Yet I can’t think of anywhere else I’d want to [...]

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If I could undo the traumatic paralysis that held my spirit hostage for 30 years would I do it? I day dream bout it on the regular... I’ve been thinking heavily on this very same concept...heavy  Some people have the “i miss my old self” but there was no previous existence of a specimen that [...]

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The Longest Shaft to Shame

I locked myself in  Ur eye sockets were strapped into mine and it was take off  I wondered if you could see him as my tongue hugged your cock  I wondered if you could see me at 5 as your eyes rolled to the back of your head  I wonder if you questioned the birth [...]

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Values Valuable Lesson

The word value crawled into my mind and passed each door holding a mental health label that I had bolted shut with vices. It picked at each lock with a devious grin knowing that I was still recovering from my last battle with a DSM monster. It decided to start at depression and unleashed all [...]

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Keys to Foolishness

Was I foolish to think your words would turn to wings and make me soar when I took the leap of faith with the man I thought had come back to me? Was it just that I've been in a daze and I allowed my innocent hope to take me through the reels of freeze [...]

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Suicidal Notes

I sit here on the beach at 7:21 pm on Tuesday, the first of November, and I contemplate my finale. I went to a consultation earlier today at the counseling center at school and my doctor was a beautiful man, physically and mentally, but he made it clear there was too much to work with and I'd [...]

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Mirror Mirror

You think that you’re good enough to wife up? You’re just a fuck. You think anyone would want to be seen in public with you? You have so much work to do. You’re disgusting. How could your parents let you get to be 300 lbs.? Did they hate you? They def must have been ashamed [...]

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