Forgive yourself for believing them
Forgive yourself for believing their narrrative of who you are, for believing their small vision of u
Forgive yourself for not speaking up, for not cutting a mother fucker who broke your spirit and shunned your existence
Forgive yourself for stayin so long in the darkness cuz every hand extended just smacked you down harder
Forgiving yourself for all the tears you shed for those who left after they were done and had no intention in watering your growth
Forgive yourself for not believing you deserved the fucking parades, smiles and endless celebrations
Forgive yourself for the sorrows that swallowed you for years and whispered defeats into your path and left you shattered countless times
Forgive yourself for ever thinking you were too much or your needs were excessive
Forgive yourself for absorbing all of their self-hatred and projections
Forgive yourself for playing small for their comfort
Baby, your time is now. And they gon remember who the fuck your are and all that they did and you disrupt all the walls they built to keep you from seeing your glorious reflection.