Sunday’s Sermon:

Traveling should never interfere with the Werd. This year has started so speedy and intentionally. It’s like last years agonizing lessons sped up and it’s like I been dodging fuckery since midnight 12/31/18. Like, all of a sudden everything fell into place and 2019 has been God being like iiighhht bitch let me see what you learned! N I’m like iiight God! Bet! And every day I’m just like BABYYY GET YOUR LIFE!!! To myself, to others, to strangers!!! Man, how often we hold our own joy and success hostage! Nahhhh fam!! GO GET YOUR LIFE!!! ALL 👏🏾OF 👏🏾IT!! Go build that brand! Post them shots, get messy!!! Go on them dates! Break up with the toxicity!! Go to therapy!! Get off the dating apps/ get on the dating apps!! Face some baby fears!! Take clothes off/ put some on!!🙃 We’re all in diff places!! Be transparent!! Feel this shit!! Feel your words as they exit, feel your thoughts as they begin creating!! YOU DON’T OWE NO ONE NOTHING BUT YOU DOING YOU TO THE FULLEST!! Sooo GOOO GET YOUR LIFE!!! It’s been waiting a long time for your attention💋 #weirdnesssrants