For justice to be truly served all those who lie on the innocent should be held accountable. There should be consequences for their actions. How is their pride more important than a life? All the lawyers, judges, detective, cops, witnesses, even those calling the cops on some bullshit need to be held accountable for their actions. Video after video, shot after shot…. no one is being held accountable for harming innocent POC.

There is no justice unless equal punishment is experienced for false claims, planting evidence, coerced confessions, here say. How the fuck do you expect people to believe in a system that respects privilege and fragility over a life?

There not enough money in the world to undo time lost, or to undo surviving systematic oppression and false imprisonment. Equal accountability is true justice. How is it innocent people are doing more time than those who KNOWINGLY HARMED THEM?!?

I’ve been searching through my sorrows to find words adequate enough to articulate the heaviness in my spirit as I finished the final episode of When They See Us.

The amount of life that has been stolen and the decaying of what spirit remained, are incomprehensible.
Every time I want to say these five black boys (Central Park Five), my mind interrupts with brashness as the number of POC wrongfully incarcerated is actually far beyond my understanding. Since the beginning of time….

In Ava DuVernay When They See Us, brilliantly gave us a glimpse into a sorrowful tale that’s more common than most people want to believe. I’m often beside myself at the ignorance of people, in this day and age who still won’t acknowledge the facts. And these are now facts that have come out, over and over again. Even the lady who lied on Emmett Till came forward admitting she lied! After how many years, that he was used as their boogie man story of black men for what he “did” to that lady? Even when SHE, HERSELF came forward, silence from the opposition. When facts are presented they discount it, fuck science, history, all of it right? When will they admit they’re wrong? When will they call out the lawyers, judges, cops, family or friends? What’s the body count for us to know when y’all will admit the truth? Just throw money at them till they stfu right? Too many POC have died from these lies. So many families destroyed.

Even now with white men being the “pioneers” of weed farms…POC are still not being released from prison while white men are profiting off the same offence in larger quantities. So where tf is the outrage??? Where the fuck is the allyship??? I’ve seen more done for the fucking sea turtles and plastic straws!!! And

Don’t tell me it’s not an issue of race. READ A FUCKING BOOK. A newspaper? Watch a documentary?? Learn your fucking history!!!! The fucking beginning of police men were created based on racial policing and protection of the whites!!!! The ignorance is intolerable and I’m not having no more discussion with people unwilling to read prior to just spewing more ignorance.

If you care about your cop loved ones?! Have some fucking conversations with them about protocol, race and biases they may have!!! HAVE A FUCKING DIALOG!!! DONT ENABLE MORE HATRED BECAUSE YOURE UNCOMFORTABLE!!! People are fucking dying.

Real humans, that are loved are fucking dying physically, mentally and spiritually as we sit on silence on the side lines leaving dumb ass comments on the gram. Go fucking do something!! Call your friends and family out!!! Stop this.

There should be repercussions for those who lie and destroy lives.