So often people who have had heavy lives don’t know how to get out of a situation that doesn’t honor them. They’re comfortable with trauma and chaos. It’s so hard to leave a situation that isn’t life threatening or severely insane. But they settle for mediocre because it’s less terrible than what they’re used to. It’s so hard to get out without being pushed out. You’re allowed to have goodness, Joy, devotion and all the yumminess love has to offer!! And you’re allowed to walk away from people who haven’t done their work,
or aren’t where you’re at, or that don’t get how you want or need to be loved. You don’t have to save anyone in order to be loved. You don’t have to sacrifice your work of self to prove that you are good and loving. It isn’t your job to do the work for anyone and sacrificing yourself because you think you’re being of service to another human who is where you have been isn’t serving anyone. A relationship should never be built on a therapeutic dynamic anyways, if u were an actual therapist you’d lose your job!!! Understand that you can guide someone to help but you cannot make them absorb it or apply it. And you sacrificing your love life and peace for someone else doesn’t guarantee you a partner who will love you after either. So many times I’ve seen people get left after they healed and sucked the life out of their oh-so-generous-self-sacrificing person that they were depleted and left in the end of it all. So know that you can leave all relationships (love, friends, acquaintance & on) before it gets catastrophic.