The amount of times that I begged God for something or someone… sheeesh!!!😅THANK GOODNESS I didn’t get that half-assed serving of life I pleaded for. It’s so fascinating what time can reveal and some lessons have taken years to come to the light. How often does my lack of esteem cry out to hold on to the crumbs life has left in the after math of an existence and my ego deems it sufficient and Gods like naaah biiih! I said I got you! N I’m all like but…I want it now, now. I despise the spiritual baking process, since I didn’t set the timer I never know when a lesson is learnt or a wound has healed. So I’m always living out of anxiety and desperation instead of faith and gratitude. And then once in a while I get a moment of clarity, someone’s truth comes out, a better opp arises, a calm over my soul when I just take a deep breath and sink into my trust and remember the amount of shit that has already taken place and that God really does got me and I can chill tf out. I invite you to be grateful for all the unanswered prayers in your life today, and trust that they didn’t serve your higher self, even if you don’t know why yet! 🧿🖤🙏🏾