I locked myself in 

Ur eye sockets were strapped into mine and it was take off 

I wondered if you could see him as my tongue hugged your cock 

I wondered if you could see me at 5 as your eyes rolled to the back of your head 

I wonder if you questioned the birth of my passionate love making brain waves 

I got lost for a moment 

The submission your big ass broad body gave as you exhaled all your walls and placed your power into my command

You bulky ass shoulders shivered with euphoria as though my mouth sucked the soul outcha bones 

Your big ass lips seemed to want to participate but dialog was far from existing in that moment

I wonder if you felt my shame 

Did u feel my humiliation as I pictured you picturing me at 5? And I could have sworn I saw u shrug as u cast me off as some broken bitch who was this good cuz well… practice makes perfect right?